Online MHA | Master of Healthcare Administration in Australia

Administrators of health care make decisions that can improve health outcomes and make it easier for doctors and nurses to save lives.

Online MHA  Master of Healthcare Administration in Australia

Administrators of health care make decisions that can improve health outcomes and make it easier for doctors and nurses to save lives. These leaders deal with the most important problems facing communities, hospitals, medical practices, biopharmaceutical companies, and payer organizations. They do things like plan budgets and motivate teams on the front lines. Administrators today must be able to use best practices and organizational principles to make decisions and run operations that affect many people's lives.

The online Master of Healthcare Administration program at UCLA is made to help you reach your goals, such as becoming a leader or getting better at math. The online MHA program gives graduates the specific knowledge and skills that are most in-demand for administrative roles in healthcare. This prepares them to build talented teams, manage operations, and lead analytical decision-making. Our students learn to use data and compassion to create effective, value-based care plans.

Online MHA Program Overview

In the online Master of Healthcare Administration program, students learn how to be good leaders who can improve health outcomes and make things run more smoothly. The MHA gives managers and executives the skills to use analytics as part of their decision-making, keep a budget, and communicate well with people from all over their organizations. Professionals can take advantage of the flexibility of this online program to keep working full time while getting ready to move up in their careers in a field that is growing quickly.

The Online MHA Program draws on the knowledge of professors at UCLA, which U.S. News & World Report says is the best public university in the country. Courses are taught by people who have done important research and have a lot of experience in both healthcare and management. 

The faculty at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health work to improve the health of communities all over the world, and the school's research centers are committed to multidisciplinary research that leads to new ideas in areas like healthcare management, health policy, health equity, healthy climate solutions, and public health and disasters.

Online Mha Curriculum

The Online MHA Curriculum is made to prepare people for roles in healthcare administration. The MHA professors base their courses on the most recent research and their own experience in the real world. You'll learn to get actionable insights from data, support value-based care initiatives, and help with important business functions like management, finance, strategic marketing, and data analytics.

The master's in healthcare administration helps healthcare leaders now and in the future by giving them the necessary skills to move up in their careers. This specialized curriculum of study covers things like:

  • How the U.S. health care system is set up and paid for
  • Effective ways to market healthcare services and products in a strategic way
  • Using analytics and statistical methods to find insights that can be used
  • Ethical and legal considerations for the healthcare industry, including privacy
  • Management theory that can help healthcare organizations do better
  • Control systems for operations, managing performance, and the quality of service
  • The government took measures to protect the health of the public and stop the spread of disease

The online master's program in healthcare administration gives you the flexibility to learn on your own time and weekly one-hour live sessions with your classmates and teachers. Through two on-campus immersions and a capstone field project, you will get real-world experience and build your professional network. Students work with organizations in the healthcare field to solve real organizational or management problems during this project.

Healthcare Administration MHA Careers

The U.S. needs more healthcare leaders quickly because the population is getting older, the private and public health systems are having problems, and health information technology is getting better. Using Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Burning Glass predicts that healthcare administration jobs will grow by 20.5% between 2020 and 2030.

Burning Glass job listing data was used to find that the median salary for a healthcare administrator with a master's degree is $77,500.

The online MHA gives students the skills they need to do well in several management and executive positions, such as:

  • Healthcare administrator
  • Clinical director/supervisor
  • Quality and safety manager
  • Risk and compliance manager
  • C-suite executive
  • Clinical finance manager
  • Manager of clinical operations
  • Data analyst
  • Healthcare consultant
  • Manager of the biopharmaceutical


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