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Online Certificate Programs in Appliance Repair

Online Certificate Programs in Appliance Repair

An appliance repair specialist fixes problems with different household machines and tools. A typical day for one of these professionals might include:

  • Reconnecting a broken gas line.
  • Installing a new pilot light in an oven.
  • Measuring a home's electrical output.
  • Finding the source of an air conditioning leak.

Appliance repair men and women need to know a lot about different machines and their parts, big and small, and use a wide range of tools, from wrenches and screwdrivers to high-tech gadgets like voltmeters and ammeters, to be successful at their job. 

Many people who want to become repair professionals enroll in online appliance repair certificate programs to learn these different skills.

Vocational Certificate

Even though you can become an appliance repair specialist with just a high school diploma, you will have more job opportunities if you have a certificate. Today's home appliances and infrastructure systems require more technical knowledge.

Certificates also allow people to get higher degrees in this field, like an associate's or bachelor's degree in electronics engineering. Students can take appliance repair courses online or enroll in certificate programs at vocational schools, universities, or colleges.

Certificate programs can be finished in as little as six months to a year, and most of them have a large hands-on component to help students get ready for the real-world challenges of their field. During this part of the certification process, repair professionals learn how to install different types of home appliances and connect them to water and gas lines. 

They also know how to properly inspect and assess the working condition of these appliances and fix problems as needed. They also learn to find broken or faulty parts and replace them quickly. They also know how to teach customers how to evaluate appliances and make repairs on their own in the future.

The curriculum should also cover business management, communication, customer service, and finances. People who go to online appliance repair schools may also learn how the web works and how technology works.

Many repair specialists bypass the certification process and learn their trade as apprentices. However, those who get a certificate before starting work usually need a shorter apprenticeship and can work independently in a lot less time. 

Since the length of an online appliance repair training program usually depends on the student's schedule, people can finish the course as quickly (or slowly) as they want.

What's Next for People Who Have a Certificate in Appliance Repair?

After they finish their program, appliance repair specialists must pass a series of tests to get the certification they need to work in the field independently. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that the National Appliance Service Technician Certification (NASTeC) is an exam given by the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians that tests how well a person can fix and maintain different machines. 

The Professional Service Association also has an exam that you can take instead of the NASTeC. If you pass this exam, you can call yourself a Master Certified Appliance Professional (MCAP).

In addition to these general exams, other levels of certification are needed for certain parts of the job. One example is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test for appliance repair specialists to see if they can follow the right environmental procedures for fluorocarbons, sulfur dioxide, and propane as refrigerants.

Continuing education is an important part of being an appliance repair specialist. Most specialists will take different classes to keep up with the latest technologies throughout their careers.

In 2014, the BLS said that the median salary for appliance repair specialists was $36,170. The median pay for people who worked in manufacturing was $42,670. Between 2014 and 2024, the number of jobs in this field is expected to grow by 6%.

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