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Online Master's Degree in Marketing

Online Master's Degree in Marketing

The swoosh from Nike. The arches at McDonald's. Apple's apple. People worldwide know these symbols and the companies and products they stand for because of good marketing plans, strategies, and teams. 

Building a brand is a must for companies that want to succeed in today's highly competitive economy, where consumers are getting pickier about where they spend their money. So, it makes sense that so many colleges and universities are adding master's programs in marketing to their lists of courses.

Why a Master's Degree in Marketing?

You can get a job in marketing with an associate's or bachelor's degree, but people with a master's in the field are more likely to keep their jobs and get paid more. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that most of the top research jobs go to people with a master's degree in market research. 

So, if you love marketing and want a chance to be in charge, getting a master's degree might be a good idea; plus, it can help you if you keep going to the doctoral level.

Inside a Master's Degree Program in Marketing

Students who get a master's science in marketing will learn the ins and outs of marketing, branding, and promotion. They will focus less on general business practices and more on specific marketing methods and tactics. 

Some of the things covered in online marketing master's degree programs like this one from Southern New Hampshire University are corporate communications, market research, and sales management. Before enrolling up for anything, though, students should ensure a reliable source fully accredits the program.

Some students are afraid to sign up for a master's program because they think it will take too long, but in an online program, the time it takes to finish the curriculum depends more on the student than on anything else.

 Except for a few prerequisites, most programs let people make their schedules. On average, though, it can take one to three years to finish a master's program.

What's Next for People with a Master's Degree in Marketing?

People with a master's degree in marketing are likely to be in high demand when they finish school. Companies and groups worldwide are looking for people who are forward-thinking and have a clear idea of how to best market their products and services. The BLS says that the average salary for a market research analyst or a marketing analyst is $68,700.

If you feel like a master's degree isn't enough when you're done, there are other paths you can take. You can get a Ph.D. and different certifications to keep learning in the field. You could even go back to school and study another business subject to improve your overall skills.


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